Future Interview

My chosen interviewed person was Felicia Adinanto, my sister. I decided to interview her because I was able to easily interview her at any give time, while also having that ability to freely talk about anything without that awkward feelings during an interview. I also felt that it would be a good idea to see a view of the future from her perspective, how and what she will want to happen in the future. At the moment, Felicia is studying a PHD or optometry at UTS, it would be interesting to see how she viewed the future from her eyes, and perhaps how optometry might be affected by the future.

During the interview, we were able to casually talk about where she was headed, understanding that the future is uncertain and quite erratic at times. At most times she is confident that she will be able to find a stable job, even though she is still at uni. While she has concerns for other areas of work, through the tone of her voice it was clear that she wasn’t worried about not being able to find a job. This may be partly because of her studious nature and her ability to work hard at anything.

One thing that she hopes to do and is already currently doing is traveling. One major concern that she views in the future is the increasing price and cost of everything. Everything continues to become more expensive, travel, food, accommodation, clothes, etc… its not hard to see that money has made a huge effect on her views of travelling. Understanding the value of each cost she expends is crucial for her future, even if she has a secure job. Money is one major factor that is part of human life, and it is undoubtedly important to every aspect of life, work, home, entertainment, food, sleep, etc…

Felicia has an unconventional view of the future, which isn’t uncommon with the younger generation, valuing work over the standard family views. It’s a new trend rising among younger generations, and it’s interesting to note that they would work harder in jobs to attain a higher position, showing their dedication to stay in that job for the future. ITs clear that more and more people have a work centred focus, perhaps this may be a result of the fear in not having a stable job or just showing enthusiasm for their job.

Another area, that we talked about was technology, while Felicia isn’t tech savvy she is overly enthusiastic about the technology to come. She loves to buy the next line in technology that gets released. This is the same with many young adults, many are keen to get the newest technology has to offer us, and will continue to get excited by what future technology has to offer us.

Felicia only has one view of the future, to be able to sustain herself and survive the future, with the world becoming increasingly more difficult, she wasn’t to ensure that she is able to live for the future and live through it.


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