Movie Review: Star Trek

Star trek movies series has always been a popular movie since its first release in the 1966. This interest all sparked by the star trek tv series. It is a popular tv series which has developed its own subculture and pop culture. Eventually this would again spark a reboot with all new cast back in the year simply called Star Trek, and subsequently 2 more movies were produced, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond.

With Star Trek’s setting in the future, we can see how the world has changed and how it might not have changed. Star Trek poses an interesting and a unique world where earth has become a multi-humanoid-species world. Becoming home to many different types of humanoids from worlds throughout the galaxy. Its a unique movie, where earth and society has become so advanced and so technologically advanced, instead of a dystopian future, we are presented with a future where space travel and journey has become everyones primary objective.

Life and society ultimately gets changed and it is not quite how we know it today. Earthly troubles such as terrorism, resource depletion, starvation aren’t present within earth. But rather it is portrayed more like a war of worlds, earth united with many worlds enables earth to become more advanced and more equipped to handle and solve the problems we have on earth. It is interesting to observe that earth and its inhabitants live and work together, striving for a brighter future rather than how we see it today.

It won’t come as a surprise to see how each aspect of food, entertainment, socially, culturally, etc… Food seems to become more nutritious with the amount and quality that is given to the space crew, while entertainment seems similar to what we would have today. The movie develops an outer world experience as though we would be at home on earth. It appears as though life has become an social and thriving utopia, everyone working together, coming together to explore the universe finding the untold mysteries of the universe.

Seeing the plausibility of this scenario, is hard to see it happening in the near future. It could be a possible case, in the very distant future, when technology finds a way to develop a way for humans to live in space without the harmful side effects it causes to the human body. IT may also be impossible because the scene shows the future where earth is home to multi-humanoid species from other planets and galaxies. But that isn’t to say that those species won’t come to us first… Independence day…

The future of earth is still being developed, understanding and creating a common cause for unity is what this movie is trying to portray and possibly a not so distant ideal for the present.

By Ricky


One thought on “Movie Review: Star Trek

  1. I think its interesting that nearly all futuristic movies still have earth as a place where we can live but choose no to.

    It’s funny you mentions Independence day as a lot these types of movies rely on alien existence, including my movie choice, the fifth element.


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