Human Technology Relationships

With the ever growing presence of technology in our society, the relationship between human and technology will also become closer and more influential. Technology will continue to influence human lives and in turn humans will also influence technology and its future.

This exchange is clear and evident throughout the ages and the entire history of human existence. One example is the for of communication between people, everyone communicated but throughout the progression of humanity, technology has significantly improved and enhanced how we communicate with each other. Back before the days of smart phones and internet connection, communication was limited to the home phones and pay phones. Similar to the working industry, technology has become an important part of society. Computer Aided Designs have revolutionised how drawings have been developed, being more clearer and easier to create. Automated machines such as robots have now been implemented into factories replacing the menial and repetitive jobs.

Technology will continue to have an important role in our society, and its influence will continue to seep into every part of our lives. It has already influenced our working lives, social lives and also our lives at home. But at what point will technology continue to affect our lives? How will we be able to control technology and its growing influence? Or should we try to control something that we know will continue to be beneficial for our lives?

Sleep has also been affected by this rapid advance and change in technology. there is no doubt that the sleep we have is changed by the technology we have at home. With technology becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, it is not uncommon for many homes to have at least one electronic device in their bedrooms. Whether these devices help or hinder your sleep it is undeniable that sleep is also affected by technology. Devices such as phones and T.V. either help you relax or keep you entertained throughout the night, similarly we can see this through the use of meditation devices, which help the user get to sleep faster.

It’s not hard to see that technology can be both beneficial or detrimental to our sleep, it all depends on how we use it, and every person is affected by technology differently. As technology continues advance it won’t be long before technology begins to affects how we sleep and where we might sleep. This may come in the form of our beds that we sleep on or in external devices like helmets or eye masks. There are already signs and small emergences of devices that may already help induce sleep and with technology advancing this will only get better and better.

By Ricky


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