Australian Politics

Terrorism will always be a major factor in society and with the rise of terrorism in many countries, it is no surprise that Sydney will also be affected by this. Understanding that there will always be a pressure of terrorism, and this is something that we should keep in mind when designing for the future. We need to understand where the limits of our government system can go, with security also being important factor when dealing with terrorism.

Will we be willing to sacrifice our privacy in order that terrorism might be stopped? At what point can we draw a line between invasion of privacy and keeping a nation safe?

Similarly, other issue that is important in society include Lesbian and Gay marriage rights. There is no doubt that Sydney is also influenced and affected by this. A new rise for marriage equality is on a rise, and there is no doubt that Sydney may also welcome Marriage equality for all.


These may be some things that we might consider during our development of our future scenario.



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