The Future of Sleep

Sleep is an essential component to the human life, we wake up in the morning perform daily activities and then we are required to sleep to recover our strength. However, sleep has progressively changed of the the course of humanity’s existence. Sleep has changed and it will continue to change in the future.

It is commonly understood and realised that people do not sleep as longs as we used to, with sleep that used to range up to 12 hrs of sleep has now been reduced to a mere 6 hrs of sleep. Such reduction in hours of sleeping can have disastrous affects on a person mentally and physically.

The duration of sleep hasn’t been the only thing to change, where we sleep has also been affected. Sleeping in beds is the more common place we sleep in, beds in bedrooms. One interesting development that has occurred in the past few years is in Japan, for example the Capsule Hotel, where the the person lays in a small bed and is pushed into a capsule and sleeps there. It is strange and surely unusual form of sleeping, however, this form of sleeping is often used by people who were too drunk to return home or if they were too embarrassed to face the family members. Alternatively, like many people now, these capsules provide a quick fix for a home for people who couldn’t travel back home as a result of a busy working lifestyle. It may not be where sleep used to be, but for many it as a great alternative, small but convenient.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find that what we need to sleep has changed either. As technology continues to change and develop, so will the items and rituals we perform before sleep. It wouldn’t be uncommon for many people to be on the tv watching their favourite tv series on Netflix, or like many, be on their phones or computers checking up on the latest gossip before sleeping. Technology has become immensely integrated in our lives that it also becomes a part of rituals before sleep.

As a result of the vast influence of technology, it could also be said that sleep has now become a luxury. The technological advances in the bed itself has developed to so that people can have a more enhanced and comforting sleep. Beds have become better designed to suit the needs of various people, developing the support, stiffness, height of beds. It is also worth mentioning the concept of Water beds, first developed in the 1970s, just the idea of water bed leads to an unexplored realm of beds what beds could be made from.

While the future of sleep is uncertain and always changing, how much we sleep for, where we sleep and what we need to sleep, will continue to change. However, Sleep will continue and always be essential to humans.

By Ricky


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